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  • Felecia Scott


Breath of innocence

Ready to explore

What the world offers

Fearing what is seen and trusting what is not

Absorbing the essence of the world's fruit and labor

Giving clarity to learning by reminding and reciprocating all they have been learning by watching or listening or listening while watching, always sleeping peacefully with one eye open and the other shut

While the eye that is shut is communicating with the third and the third eye and the third eye is no other than Jesus

Adapting to challenges without adapting still ready and able to conquer and explore the world with a sober heart and an open mind and a closed mouth

The same closed mouth can only penetrate or produce fruitful words that are eloquent although the vocabulary is not find tuned referred to as lambs yet humans with simplicity and honesty

Welcome to the brief description and definition of our children

Children are so precious, and they are to be valued. Ms. Scott wrote this poem during the Spring of 2004.


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